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Environmental Projects

Pond Shoreline Naturalization

pond naturalization1afterIn May 2010 Boundary Oak started working towards naturalizing our pond shorelines.

At first, the shorelines just looked a bit "un-manicured" or "un-maintained", but now that they are complete, we have a more natural pond habitat which has resulted in improved water quality and aesthetics.

Natural shorelines are very important because they keep the water in our ponds clean and healthy. Natural shorelines also protect against erosion and provide valuable habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.

  • The Benefits of Shoreline Naturalization:
  • Maintains a diversity of both plants and animals.
  • Maintains the food chain for a variety of wildlife species.
  • Supplies food for aquatic organisms.
  • Provides shelter for fish and freshwater invertebrates.
  • Plants of varying heights and types increase wildlife diversity.
  • Provides waterfowl and wading birds places to feed and rest.
  • Protects ecosystems and ecological communities.
  • Improves water quality as plants take up excess nutrients and produce oxygen to aerate the water.
  • Maintains the gene pool of particular plant and animal species, promoting hardiness, disease resistance and adaptability.
  • Stabilizes shorelines and reduces erosion.
  • Supports an aesthetic appreciation of natural beauty.
  • Contributes to the conservation of local wildlife species.

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